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Get to Know Me


I am currently a web developer at Good Work coding alongside a team of amazing developers using tools like Craft, Vue, and Tailwind. Before this I was on the powerhouse interactive team at Madhouse doing web design and development. Along the way I've found my niche with Craft CMS, which I use to create robust, yet easy to use authoring experiences for content editors as well as web applications to help clients reduce internal bottlenecks.


I'm endlessly interested in all the world has to offer. From baking bread to 3D printing, I am almost always engaged in a new hobby or interest. Music, cooking, and playing with my dog Wally are my past-time staples, however.

Conversation Starters

  • I went to the same school as LeBron James
  • I have been curling (the sport) for the past 7 years
  • I studied Russian and Chinese